CAP: Chatham Agricultural Partnership

Roles and Responsibilities


  1. Provide high level guidance and oversight for the program.
  2. Advocate for Keep Farming in the local community.
  3. Identify and provide access to people, resources, and information.
  4. Share your expertise with the assessment teams and CAP.
  5. Help analyze information generated by the four assessment teams. 
  6. Identify opportunities and challenges.
  7. Help develop strategies that a) will be included in the comprehensive plan, and b) can be implemented in other ways.
  8. Help ensure that the strategies are implemented.


Chatham Agricultural Partnership Roster


Spruce Ridge Farm, CAP Chairperson
Mary Gail Biebel

Keep Farming Coordinator

Robert Bradford Good Hope Farms
J. Thomas Clark Old Chatham Sheepherding Company
Tom Crowell Columbia Land Conservancy
Will Denner Little Seed Gardens
Courtney McDonnell Highland Farm
Eric Ooms A. Ooms & Sons
Landra Haber Chatham Town Board
Edie Root Springervale Farm
Donna Staron Staron's Farm Stand