2014 Chatham Area Farm and Art Tour

Saturday, September 27, 2014, 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Download the Farm & Art Tour Map.

Kinderhook Farm

With fields and operations spanning Ghent and Chatham, visit the center of activity to learn more about raising grass-fed beef, lamb, pastured pork and chickens. A farm store offers beef, lamb, pork as well as raw honey, chicken and eggs for sale. Tours throughout the day. County Route 21 (at the end of Garner Rd.), Ghent

The Berry Farm

The Berry Farm is a local, family-owned and operated farm and farm store. Specializing in natural, organic and local produce and products as well as no spray, pesticide-free greens and vegetables from their greenhouses throughout the year! Artists: Trudi Roth–oil paintings, photography; Brenda Bertin – watercolors; Susan Sabino—photography; Anita Schermerhorn–oil painting, watercolors. 2304 Route 203

Ooms Farm

The largest dairy operation in Chatham, sells wholesale and is a
multi-generational dairy farm in business in Chatham for over 50 years. There will be tours on the hour, and milking at 3:00. 215 County Route 28A.

Staron’s Farm Stand

A family-run farm for 35 years, they grow a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. Farm-raised beef is also available. Open everyday June. 4 Merwin Road at Route 203. 518-392-2920.

The Old Chatham Sheepherding Company

Visit the largest dairy sheep operation in the country for a self-guided tour, where they produce award winning artisanal cheeses and yogurts. The product is always available for sale in the Cheese Store. Observe the new born lambs. Milking at 3:30 in the main barn. Artists: Kathryn Kosto – collage; Judy Reynolds – oil paintings, pastels; Karen Hummel – oil paintings, pastels. 155 Shaker Museum Road

Little Brook Farm

Welcome to one of the most diverse equine facilities in the nation. Established in 1977, LBF has successfully combined equine rescue with educational programs, including riding instruction. Demos will include drill teams with hands-on activities and tours throughout the day. 548 County Route 13 at Pitt Hall Road.

Spruce Ridge Farm

A farm raising alpacas, as well as pigs, chickens and cattle, with a farm shop full of soft, warm alpaca apparel, toys and more. Local vendors, and demonstrations of weaving, spinning and knitting, as well as face-painting for the kids. Flammkuchen flatbread pizza, Golden Organics Ice Cream, and Mighty Brittle food vendors. Picnic tables and restrooms available. Also open Sunday the 29th 10:00 – 4:00. Artists: Arlene Boehm – oil paintings; Lynne Bolwell – watercolors; Kathy Mock – oil paintings; John Cooley – Sculpture. 434 County Route 13 at Highland Road. 518-330-6294.

Highland Farm

Highland Farm raises chickens, heritage breed turkeys and heritage breed pigs, which are pasture-raised and fed local organic grains. They also pasture Black Angus for Kinderhook Farm in the summer months. Come visit the animals, tours throughout the day. Farm store open with their chickens, honey and maple syrup for sale and taking reservations for turkeys and pork. Artists: Valerie White – oil paintings; Olive Farrell – oil paintings; Audrey Wyman – oil paintings; Maria Kolodziej- Zincio – encaustics, oil paintings. 395 Highland Road.

Equine Advocates Safe Home Equine Rescue & Sanctuary

This beautiful farm is a model forthe humane treatment ofhorses. The mission is toeducate people onhow to properlycare for,handle and socialize horses. Special event: Wildlife photography classes at 10 and 2 by professional Jim Craner. Email karen@equineadvocates.org to reserve a space as class size is limited. Artists: Robin Guthridge – oil paintings; Denise Chandler – photography; Barbara Walter – oil paintings. 3212 Route 66.


The full circular route is approximately 32 miles. Lunch? Try the many good spots in Chatham or Old Chatham. Food and restrooms also available at Spruce Ridge Farm. Information about the artists is found at www.columbiapleinair.wordpress.com